My jellyfish cage in my invert tank -- critique please??


Reefing newb
So, I got an upsidedown jelly to teach the kiddies about everyone's favorite deadly invertebrates, the true jellies. Hoo boy, venom in the classroom!

But, Jellyfish like to die in pumps or get killed in other horrific ways. And for just one animal I didn't want to set up a separate tank.

So... I made him a CAGE!

But no one else has done this that I can find. Is this a bad idea? Why or why not?? Help!

The cage is the plastic lid off a water quality test kit, with the holes melted out using a metal poker, so there are no hard edges. The lip of the plastic lid is buried in the rocks to keep other animals from lifting it up and investigating. For some reason, this image is displaying upsidedown, despite uploading it rightsideup. Ironic.

It seems to like the waterflow, I've got it right next to a pump so there's good flow through.

I can see the image, but I think your are going to have a really hard time making sure animal receives enough flow and food, plus that cage will become a very nice place for algae to grow on.
it doesnt look very big and hopefully its somewhat easy to clean, a better not upside down pic would be helpful
I thought they needed pretty constant circular flow. I know the tanks I have seen have flow from underneath and above. They do need to be kept away from power heads, but I am not sure an in tank cage is going to allow them the free movement they need and even with no sharp edges I think it could still be injured by getting pushed against the side.