my goni


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here is my pride an joy. Just for comparison, the side of the tank is about 19 inches, the goni stretches about half that and tall as well.



I feed it twice a week. it looks ok to me...what do you guys think?

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since you bring that do Goniapora reproduce? It is the encrusting variety, which I though just grew over rocks and such to increase size. Do they drop babies?

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Yeah,they drop babies,well at least the oval skeleton kind do.I assume the encrusting kind will do the same.Maybe place a small rock next to it and see if part of the colony grows onto that.You would have one special Goni if it produces goniophytes.
he!! ya. I will put lots of little rocks nexts to it and sell those puppies for $45 bucks a pop!!!!

-Dr Marco :sfish:
Well,I don't know about $45 a pop.I was selling about 3-4 goniophytes a month to the LFS for $15(thumb nail size goniphytes.)They said they couldn't get enough of them.People were snatching them up for their nano tanks.Needless to say,my ego was stroked for about a year.

Try not to get to happy now,lets keep it alive and thriving first.Besides its very hard and rare to get them to reproduce.I hate for you to get your hopes up for nothing.

When my tank matures,I going to try a purple and red goni,they are exceptionally gorgeous.I bet there would be a good market for captive bred gonis.
I am into it. I have never heard of a purple or red goni. Are they the "flower pot" variety or are the encrusting? I had a blue one that did not do well, so I returned it. I have never had one this size before. I would not sell to the LFS, I would contract through you to sell them in a part of the country where they can add and subtract without a tutor (Utah is not the brightest state, just ask Winy). I already sell my mushrooms to the LFS, I get $7 a shroom. I usually drop in several rocks at a time with about 5-6 big mushrooms. It makes up for lots of salt. I want to propegate fuzzy shrooms as well, but them seem not to spread as fast. My green and purple striped are wicked fast to multiply.

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The purple and reds are slightly easier than the greens.Although I've only seen reds and purple that are the ''flowerpot'' variety,I'm sure there are encrusting and branching kinds too that maybe red,purple,lavender,pink.They come in more than just greens,btw.Its rare but I've heard of sellers selling dyed gonis so always look for some amount of brown in there tissue,especially near the base.

I can relate with the super fast mushroom,I couldn't keep up with these elephant ear mushrooms.I do like to get some nice bulleyes,orange and red schrooms and lots of rics.
your tank always looks great. I will totally look out for the brown tissue at the base. Mine seems to have that. Cross your fingers that it stays healthy.

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