My first experience with

Just wanted to share my experience with this company. I placed an order Saturday afternoon for 2 $5 bags of frag discs. I figured I might get them by friday if the order got out quickly. The order being a dry goods order I wasn't expecting them in 2 days or anything. Well today I received an e-mail from them that went like this...

"Hello Patrick,
I would like to thank you for your order and apologize for the shipping delay. Your disks were shipped out today USPS and your tracking # is 0305 0830 0002 0114 2153 For the delay I have included a free bag of reef plugs, reef glue and an actinic spotlight key chain.

Thank You

Ray Brillant"

I thought this was unbelievable customer service. They didn't even have to send me an e-mail about this and I wouldn't have been upset. But to contact me and apologize for a short delay in a $10 dry goods order I thought was great. And then to give me bag of frag plugs, glue and a key chain, now that's super customer service!!

Thanks to Ray B. and for going above and beyond what most companies would have done.
I took a look at them and was so impressed with the prices, I ordered the power head I've been looking for along with the test kits I never got LOL

I think their website could use some work ( it's hard on the eyes and doesn't really follow the current standards of web development, but that's the web developer in me LOL ) but I'm guessing that this is a fairly fresh company and I'm sure they will be up there with the best of them in no time.

Thanks for the heads up Patrick!!