My clam moved


Reefing newb
I have a giant clam on a tile in the sand bed. over the last couple of weeks it has shifted to the glass. it opens fine but is a hassle when cleaning. I would move the tile but it is on the edge so if i move it the clam would tip over. Any suggestions?
When it comes to clams or anemones IMO where they go is up to them and its probably where they are most happiest. Just my .02

Put clams in a thick shell and let them attach. Then you can easily move them around but be aware that if the shell is thin they will break it. They emit n enzyme that can break rock so that they can put their foot down in a crack and grip on. Do NOT pull a clam once it is attached or it will stress out its foot muscle and it will die.

It will be interesting to see if the clam can break the glass. I would guess not.