my blenny bites


I'm on a boat!
kinda funny, and I have since had my kids stick their hands in feeding time to get bitten (because it doesn't even come close to hurting feels funny actually)

I will often stick my hand in with the baster while feeding to get food twards the animals that dwell lower in the tank, and for the last couple weeks, instead of going after the food (my blenny is FAT) he runs up and bites my hand over and over... I think he is playing because he swims around then hovers and allows me to sorta push him around (like tag).

Anyone else have their blennys go ape when you stick your hand in the tank

Also doesnt matter where in the tank..think its only feeding time that he bites though.
Mine would always sit on my hand. I could cup my hand at the top of the tank, no matter where he was he would swim up, and just sit there. And if I didnt cup my hand, he would sit across the top when I had the feeding tube. Would never eat when my hand was in the tank. Too busy lying down on it! hhaha
My clownfish always attacks my hand when I'm changing the algae sheets for my algae eaters LOL I always say OUCH even though like you said, it doesn't really hurt. But the aggressiveness at which he bites me makes it seem like it should hurt. He also has knocked the chopstick I use to stir the food out of my hand and into the tank ;)
My blenny heads for his barnacle shell when I stick my hand in, but my clowns attack like crazy. Like Wonton said, even though it dosent hurt, they are so aggressive it looks like it should. They will even chase my hand around the tank.
We got a big Tomato clown in the live rock bin at the LFS. I'd just about give somebody $100 bill to hold their hand in there for 60 seconds. She'll draw blood every time.
My Blenny comes in for a sneak attack all the time. Come swimming up, bites me than swims away. My Tonazo Wrasse and Clown Fairy Wrasse come up to me during feeding time and let me pet them and swim around my's pretty funny.