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So far, so good. I'd take that sea hare back because they don't eat diatoms and will starve to death. The diatoms will go away by themselves in no time. They're just a normal cycle of all new tanks.
I mean yeah, he'll probably snack on it or he's probably rubbing against it while he's looking for food and causing it to rub off the rocks...or else, it's disappearing like it does. But if he is eating it, then cool...but you'll still need to re-home him soon. :)
well i know he is eating cuz he is pooping an over the place and another thing my diatoms wont go away anytime soon cuz i dont have a a r/o and use tap water witch is from a well so the will have silicates to keep growing
I don't see why anyone would use tap water like that....especially how easily you can buy water at the store if need-be.
well i added a domino damsel to my tank yesterday i think im done adding fish till i can get the rest of my live rock, better lighting, and get my a new pump for my sump
some new pics of my sence i got the rest of my rock and new light. in the last pic can someone tell me if that might be coraline algee?


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Is that substrate Crushed coral ?? It looks like it to me. You might want to ditch it and go sand. Crushed coral can trap ditriuse and cause bad watter quality really fast.

Now onto the aqua scape. it looks really good. Did you epoxy all those rocks toghether. would suck for one to take a tumble and crack the glass. it doesnt really look to secure. Unless like i asked its epoxid.
no its not crushed coral they are shells and there is sand under it but im thinking of getting rid of them and yes the rock is epoxied i had it stacked differently and came home from work with a big rock against the glass so i drained the tank and redid the rock with epoxy
Well thats some nice staking of the rocks. You should add some more in the back to close some of the caves off a bit so the fish have an actually place to hide and not just swim thru. this will give the fish more sence of security so they dont stress out at not being able to get away.
well i added a 750 gph powerhead today and got some cuc. i put in 2 turbo snails 2 blue leg 2 red leg and 4 Nassarius Snails and i already had a darf zebra
I use tap water too... believe me, the diatoms will go away on their own. Just go without changing the water for an extra week or so. Once they use up all the nutrients in the water, they vanish fast. Once mine went away, it never came back lol. And I'm still using tap water... but, best of luck on whatever you decide.

I'd trust Smitty though if I were you, he's been in the hobby for a while and knows quite a bit. If he says the hare is most likely going to starve, he's probably not wrong. But, your tank, so your call. Once again, best of luck. :)
well i lost everything in my tank and i think it was tampered with but cant prove it so my tank sat for about 5 months in the dark with the heater and filter runnig. i now have a ro/di filter 30gal holding tank just got a 48" 216w 4 bulb t-5 ho light a new pump for my sump 44more pounds of lr so i guess time will tell how it is going to go. i cant deal with another complete tank lose. but so far so good tank is stable (well it was before too) the only time i have ever had a mini cycle on it was when i drained it down to fo the aquascaping took about a week and a bottle of bio spira i used it for the first cycle too and it was done in 2 weeks