MP40 noisy propeller


Reefing newb
Hello all.

I got one of these from ebay. Well it gets noisy when turn from around 80% - 100%
Like a rattle noisy from the propeller.
I read somewhere that they tend to be noisy for the first 24-48 hours, is this correct?

I do own a MP10 and this did not happened.

Of its has a rattle sound coming from the wet side, sounds like it's not lined up correctly. Just keep it at 100% and adjust it from there. Make sure you have the proper thickness glass you have too.
It felt like something was broken inside.
I ended up returning it.

I read here and there that vortech mp40 pumps seem not very durable, they need cleaning and servicing, is this acurate?

I own one mp10, it is a great pump, I wanted one mp40 for my 90G.

Thanks for you reply Mario.
I've had my mp40s pumps for years. No issues. I clean the wet sides in vinegar. The rattle was most likely due to the wet and dry sides not being lined up properly.