MP40, MP10 and WMX module


Northern Reefer
I have an MP40W ES, MP10W ES and a WMX module for the neptune Apex controller for sale

nothing wrong with them, just gong a different route

about $900 for all these new...asking 600 shipped for all 3

I can split up as well, I can post pictures on request but they are hooked up as of right now...I will be taking them down Monday

my ebay username is veselym2010, I ship fast and have great feedback
How much would you take for the mp10? I'm not familiar with the WMX Module. What does it do?
Oh well I do have the Apex Jr. would it work with that? Let me see how my funds are with getting paid tomorrow and paying bills, if you haven't sold it in the next day or so I will pick up both for sure.