Moving a 180g tank


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I am having to sell my tank and move move it, it needs to go down a flight of steps which has a landing half way down and turn 90 degrees. One idea is to use an appliance handtruck - one that has a strap to go around the tank. How safe is this? The tank is a 180g Oceanic non-reef ready tank.

Ideas? Suggestions? Anybody have 4 really strong guys that like to move heavy tanks?
I'd say you got the right idea.It'd still be a good idea to get 3 other guys to help.You'll want to ease it down each step as gently as possible.
Unless you know somebody thats got a boomtruck.
ouch. that is no easy task. four guys can do it, but you have to be careful.

Yeah umm I literally moved one a week and a half ago. NOT FUN. Find something to roll it on whenever possible. Four guys is a must when lifting. The dolly with strap is rentable from U-Haul, like yote said ease it down each stair, use either foam rubber on the skid or a towel doubled up a few times. Mine weighs between 350-500lbs have two VERY strong guys lined up for doorways if you carry it because 4 just arent going through a door together, Good Luck.
I am soooooo not looking forward to moving a 265 gallon tank down a flight of stairs in June

Doc you should just have a custom made one built in the basement and save the backache. Then you can go large.
I thought about that, but the custom one costs way more than I want to spend. I can get a 265 which is plenty big til I am all grown up and rich. For what it costs for a custom tank, I can fill it with a shark, angelfish and build my stand.