More new stuff - and ... what is this???


Reefing newb
Got two new corals and went with the Royal Gramma as the last vertebrate addition to the tank yesterday. The LFS owner gave me earfuls on the corals he sold me (see pic below) but was hoping my mighty gurus at Living Reefs could fill me in a bit more on what it is I purchased. The Branching Soft Coral is really beautiful - and apparently the blue clove polyps are pretty rare & unusual (I HAD to have them)... and you can see the little gramma hiding below...
the second pic - I just figured out what this is - cyno... grrrr....

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Congratulations on the new fish and corals.
The coral looks like it might a nepthia to me.I'm sure Reef and Doc will know for sure though.

On your cyno,Increase your flow in your tank and find the source.Its either high phosphates or nitrates along with a possible low dissolved oxygen.
Congrats on your new additions.That first one is what I call A Rasta or Spaghetti Leather(Sinularia).I never could figure out what Doc called Nepthia.Nice size piece too.
Just tested for phosphates, and they're at zero - nitrates @ 2.5 - so I'm wondering if this cyno got established from when I was overfeeding the tank. I scraped it all off (and just like Sarah said, it comes off in blankets)... and scooped most of it out. RE: increasing flow - I already have 3 powerheads and an inside filter (one of those Tetra thingies). Any more water movement in this tank and I fear I'll be recreating the spot on the reef where the waves crash..
Looks like a leather to me, not a nepthia. You most likely still have phosphates. They are just being eaten up by the algae fast enough that it doesn't show up on your test kit. Try using RowaPhos, PhosBan or PhosGuard. That should help with your cyano.
hmmm, looks like a nepthia to me. Mine are just like that, just green. Sorry Biff, I have to disagree with you.

-Dr Marco :sfish::sfish:
everyone tends to confuse sinularia, finger leathers, nepthia, etc. Check the stalk of the coral (if that is what you call it). If it is smooth, it is a nepthia, if it is rough, it is a sinularia. I can handle being outnumbered, but I refuse to back down. although... let me compare my coral to the pic, I could be wrong. It has happened before.......once

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OK. I give up. It's a finger leather. Biff, you are right...again...dammit :frustrat:

-Dr Marco :sfish:
my fault, Reef. I am just so used to being wrong with her, that I just jump to conclusions. let me recant.....Reef, I am sorry, after looking more closely, I found that I am wrong. It is a finger leather. Reef is the man :bowdown:. Biff is smart, but not fast enough on this thread to be smarter than Reef. He is my current hero....How was that?

-Dr Marco :sfish: