More flow out of your media reactor


It wasn't me!
I did this for my bio pellet reactor, you could do it for any reactor you feel is not getting the appropriate flow for the tumble action you want.

I started by opening and taking apart my Nextreef MR1 media reactor.

The reason being is the flow comes out 2 holes on the bottom of the inlet tube. The flow goes straight up, thus causing half the pellets to clump together while the other half tumble.

Go to the hardware store, and get your self a regular household funnel. The smaller one was the exact diameter I needed. Then, walk over to the plumbing dept. and find a cap to cap off the inlet tube. You should walk out about 2.50 lighter in the pockets.

Once you are back home, push the cap on the end of the inlet tube. It now covers the 2 original large holes. Get your drill and put 6-8 new holes in the bottom of the cap.

Now, grab that funnel and cut the spout, nipple, protruding thingy off the bottom. You will want to high enough that the new cap fits in it nicely.

Square it off, I used a level and a dremmel until it was square. Drop it down inside the reactor wide side up. Re install the intake tube, and screens. Replace bio pellets (this is a good time to top off your pellets as well since it is already opened up). Seal it back up and re-install it on your system.

This took me about an hour to do, from start to complete clean up and re-start in my sump.
Is the bottom diffuser plate installed at the top of the funnel (the wide end) or below it at the bottom of the reactor where it normally is?

With my TLF 550 if the bottom diffuser was that much higher I think I'd have to trim the input tube and make it shorter
So you run it with just the funnel and no bottom diffuser plate? Then the intake pipe is capped past the narrow end of the funnel right?