Midas Blenny wont swim anymore


Reef enthusiast
I got back from vacation June 18 so almost seven weeks ago and my midas blenny was in her usual cave. She didn't come out to eat just looked out and watched the other fish. (ODD)

This went on for a couple of days and I started to worry because she usually swims a LOT.

I put seaweed sheet strips (her favorite treat) in the cave entrance and I can see her tearing it up and eating it.
Then I started to feed her mysis using my turkey baster and sometimes I will put a few pieces of pellet food there and she clearly eats plenty.

The cave actual twists around through the rock and I will see her slide all the way down around and look out the back even and then shimmy back inside.

She is active and alert, not breathing heavy and not getting skinny.
I cannot see any signs of illness.

When I come to the tank she looks out at me and moves up and down, she is always watching all the fish going by but she just refuses to come out and swim.

Has anyone ever heard of such a thing?
Maybe she has her period and wants to be anti social. LOL just kidding but really that is strange. I would say keep on spot feeding her and as long as she's eating like normal maybe she will eventually come out. Did you get any new fish recently or change the aquascape around? Maybe she feels threatened by something
If it was only a week I would say yes but its been almost 2 months so I have no idea. Its just really weird considering she is so alert and is usually so swimmy.

I have added 2 new fish but it was weeks after this started so I dont know what her deal is.