Micro Algae Culture System

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Hello fellow Aquarists! I am in the midst of designing a microalgae culture system that would be user-friendly, require a relatively small footprint (possibly even wall mounted) and built to accommodate the needs of reef-tank enthusiasts. It will allow you to culture your own live microalgae that can be dispensed directly into your reef-tank as an exceptionally nutritious snack for your corals and any inverts that are hanging around. I have cultured micro algae for a long time, and understand how difficult and time-consuming it can be to maintain active cultures. I've seen and used the microalgae concentrates from all over, but they are really pricey and they never last as long as they're supposed to. My question: Is a simple, compact, and user-friendly microalgae culture kit something that you (the general community) would be interested in purchasing if it was truly available in a format that would make it easy to use and maintain? Thank you for your thoughts!!
The majority of us already have something like this in our systems...we run refugiums, which house many various micro algaes, and some people have display refugiums that look amazing.
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For some people, that would be amazingly helpful to add to the tank, but for most it wouldn't be something they need and could be a detriment.

However, for people who are raising cultures of brine shrimp, rotifers etc it could be a great tool for making that process easier.