Melon vs. Leopard


Reefing newb
I already have a 5 inch Melanarus wrasse in my tank, but I also like the Leopard wrasses. Yes, I know they are "expert only", but how would my Melanarus react to one being introduced to my tank?
I have found Wrasses to be pretty interesting when you introduce them. I have a Clown Fairy, Blue Fairy, Yellow Coris, Christmas Wrasse, a Red Tail Flasher and a Mystery Wrasse all in my tank.

From what I've seen and heard from others on the forum is that similar shaped and size wrasses will chase each other when first introduced into a tank. My Clown Fairy and Blue Fairy do that. So does my Christmas and Red Tail Flasher. But that's because I just introduced the Red Tail and they are the same size. It usually is just a dominance thing in the tank. I have had a few other wrasses in my tank but they passed because another wrasse would chase them the moment they came out and they weren't able to find food.

So if you can find one that is smaller or larger than your Melanarus it would probably be ok. Also how is your Pod population in the tank? I had a Leopard Wrasse for about 5 months, but my Pod population wasn't very good and he starved. Noobie stupid mistake on my part. They will eat frozen sometimes but they spend most of the day swimming around picking at rocks.