Me & My Marine Reef...


Reefing newb
Hi, my names mark & I'm from Surrey, England.
I recently returned to reef keeping after giving my last tank up 5-6 years ago,

Currently I have a...

juwel trigon 190 corner aquarium
custom sump tank (live rock & bio ball media)
ehiem 1260 return pump
2 korallin powerheads
aquamedic tuboflow 1000 skimmer
tunze auto top up with calcium adder
250w single halide, twin blue t5
approx 45kilos live rock (90% fugi, 10% Indonesian)
white sand & crushed coral mix substrate
numerous corals & frags
4 large hermit crabs
2 maroon clowns
1 regal tang

Here are some pictures of my aquarium taken a couple of weeks ago,
I have however added more corals & moved the rocks around since these photos were taken so I will post some later.

Please let me know what you think.
Thanks. Mark



<a href="" title="Trigon 190 Marine Aquarium by Mark1406, on Flickr"><img src="" width="375" height="500" alt="Trigon 190 Marine Aquarium" /></a>
Nice tank Mark, when you want to post pics look for the tag

then copy and paste that one into the text box
Thanks guys, will post pics from my computer next time, I don't have the powder blue anymore, bought it about 3 months ago but after a couple of
weeks it got whitespot so put it in my dads fish only tank & it's stayed there since.