May Meeting - Fish Paradise


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The May meeting will be at Fish Paradise on Sunday May 21st at 2:30.

Fish Paradise
5622c HWY 153
Hixson, TN 37343

Steve is even going to supply the food. He also mentioned that he would have a nice piece of equipment or something and wanted to do it as a raffle.
Throw in a couple dollars etc draw for the winner and then he was going to give a portion of the money back to the club.

I know its a busy time of the year and not everyone will be able to make it, but hopefully we will still have a good turn out. Please post here if you will be coming so we can give Steve a rough idea of how many are coming. Can't make it? The nice prize is a suprse, so you can still throw in a couple dollars for your chance to win...

Please be sure to remember Fish Paradise and all they do for the club when it comes time for your next purchases...

See you there.
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Sunday is good for me, so count me in. And it's a couple hours after church so maybe revreefer can make it too. ;-) If Steve needs any help with drinks or anything let me know. I could bring whatever is needed. I hate for one person to be responsible for everything. Especially when he is also supplying the raffle prize as well. I look forward to meeting everyone and seeing Fish paradise as I have never been there.
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newbe reefers

I'm a new guy who is going to join the club, My name is Bill Byrd, I live next door to James, I do plan on being there on the 21st @ 2:30, Also Johnny and Betsy Burcham will be with me they also are going to join the club. I'll have my membership paperwork and the money to join when I come. Hope you guys remember who I am, I was at the last meeting. :D
Believe it or not, but count me in!! The Maytag/Whirlpool merger is finished!!! I survived and will still have the funds to continue this great hobby. See you guys there.
Sounds great...

I was talking with Steve today and he was mentioning that he also has 6 new people coming as well.

He has also put a sign on the wall and on the counter trying to help the club grow...

Please be sure to thank Steve for all he does.

Ill be there, maybe! I already chery picked his shipments (along with brandon)
So Ill just be coming to see if I win any money on whether or not david shows up! JK! dave. Im looking forward to the raffles to.
Everyone needs to make a big effort to come, and spend some money too. Alot of you may not realize how much steve is and has been doing to help the club. We need to in return patronize his store. drive the extra little bit to help the people who help you. anyway well see yall there
Not to tell anyone what to do, but lets not bring corals to trade at steve's place. Tomorrow is for us to focus on Steve and all he does for us. Please remeber this.

Meeting went great! Thanks alot to Steve at Fish Paradise for hosting, the food, and all the many raffle prizes. It was nice to see the many new faces.
Thanks Steve!! The atmosphere and food was great. I am glad I finally got to come to another meeting. Looking forward to the next.
Good meeting.....

Thanks again Steve.

I'll post meeting minutes on the website this week sometime. Thanks again everyone.

Great meeting! thanks to steve for hosting this months meeting.
It was nice to see some new faces. and hopefully make some new members.