Fish Paradise Vandalized


Reefing newb
Fish Paradise was broken into and vandalized on Monday night between the hours of 8pm. and 12.15am If you have any information please call Steve @ 423-645-2015. All coral is being sold off as well as all Liverock.. I opened up to make it AFFORDABLE for ALL hobbyist to be able to start a tank and maintain it @ a reasonable price and some COWARD wants to destroy all of that. If the COWARD that broke in can be identified I will give a NICE REWARD to anyone who will come foward and let me know. WE have our suspicions as to who it may or may not be and would love to comfirm it.Please call me @ 423-645-2015. Thanks Steve
I cannot believe that!! You're not going to close are you? Do you still have anything left to sell? Please let me know.
Sorry to hear this.

Let us know if there is anything we can do to help and what exactly was stolen and we can all keep an eye out for people trying to sell it.

that is just sad...some ppl have some nerve
you have helped this club out a lot so if there is anything you need help with..clean-up, etc just let me know and i will make time to help you

This is very sad news indeed. I hope you catch the culprit. I'm a ways away but if I could be of any assitance let me know. wish I was closer and could help. I hope you will stay in business and encourage anyone reading this thread to contact you 1st for stock. good luck
Are there any banks or a building close to the fs that maybe has a security system with cameras outside?I hope u get em.
I just got back in town steve, that sucks man! If I hear anything Ill be shure and let you know. whoever it was better hope the police find him first. Unfortunatly in the sad world we live in the thief has more rights than we do. Im one of the most patriotic people youll find but somtimes its embarassing to have to share this country with thieves. Anyway let me know if you need anything