Marine newb


Reefing newb

The name is Reny! I'm a husband, father, pet lover, artist, carnivore, fitness enthusiast, comedian, horrible breakdancer, narcissist, daydreamer, retired supehero, sushi eater (i won't eat your marine life), poet and New Orleanian... among a few other things.

I've been researching the last few weeks on building up my first marine tank and pretty much at the final stages. I've ordered my tank (50g, sump, skimmer, stand...etc) and think i'm set on starting with liverock and live sand from Tampabay saltwater (sorry if i'm not supposed to mention names). Anyone ever order from there? Once cycled...i have no clue what i'd like to keep in regards to fish. Originally I was interested in doing a ceph (octopus) only tank, but after more research I've come to the conclusion that would be a better idea for something down the road perhaps. I'd rather see a community of marine life working synergistic-ally to create a living piece of art in a tank!

anyways, i'll continue to lurk and learn...if you have any tips or suggestions I should read first, please point me in the right direction, comment below or msg me! I'm friendly and rarely ever bite!

I do have one main question, but i'll post it in another forum!