manmade live rock (garf rock?)


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Ok so I have gotten a lot of very useful information on live rock. I have come across some information and resources about making some of your own live rock (garf rock) and placing it with actual live rock and allowing it to seed. Has anyone done this or have information on it. I also was wondering if anyone knows what the best selection of concrete with low alkalinity would be. I really think that I could make some of this stuff fairly easily and it would save me a ton of money I don't have right now. Since we upgraded our purchase of our 75 gallon to a 150 gallon cost has become much of a factor. All info is greatly appreciated!:bowdown::bounce:
You will have to wait quite awhile for the ph to drop before you can use it. It is a good way to get a tank started without aptesia or other pests. I have never tried it either but have read a bunch of stuff about it. In the future I will be building my own tank and making all the rock myself.
I don't know if this will help you but I used Texas Holey rock as my base and seeded it with live rock. It actually helps keep the pH up, I learned that from using it in my freshwater tanks. It also has great holes for lots of little creatures. They sell it by the butt-load down here at the LFS but you can also buy it off of ebay and other websites. It is $1.99/lb here as opposed to the $4.99/lb for the live rock. :) Hope this helps.
I made about 100lb of my rock and the only thing i have to say is it is really hard to make it look pretty. Im not really an artist either but be warned!
yea i made most of my rock as well, (over 150lbs worth) given some away, traded some for some things i wanted and needed, and its really simple, the hardest part is the waiting for it to cure before you can put it in a tank...

I've heard of the texas holey rock, looked at some of it, but in my experience the rocks have so much iron ore in them that they just about rust up around salt water.. i dont know what all leaches out, but i'd be concerned... but thats just my theory about it.
It has actually worked out well. It is pure limestone. Most of the LFS down here will sell it for saltwater tanks with the purpose of using it as a base. It turns a beautiful color and the critters love the holes!!
BTW - I did a lot of reading about it before I decided to add it to the tank. It was a great idea and much cheaper.
well then, sounds like a spiffy deal then, maybe i'll try me some... course, i can make mine for less than $1 a lb, but, its prolly not got the look most people like tho...