Man, I am excited for this new hobby

My fiance has been doing freshwater for 15 years and as a present for her getting an A in Calculus I bought us a 29g tank. Neither of us have been so excited in a while. We have ~30lb of Caribbean live rock, a 425gph Koralia circulation pump, Marine Land Power Filter 200. We will probable get the LFS to install an LED pack into our fluorescent ballast and pickup a 2nd ballast to fit another LED pack in. The fiance really likes fish and I am a huge fan or corals and anemones. I am typically the most impatient person ever, but have been managing to be patient on this one as is required. The fiance on the other hand is typically the most patient person ever (has to be to deal with me) but she wants to get this tank full ASAP. I am doing a good job so far on keep her away from moving so fast. Glad to be here. Everyone here seems to be really friendly and informative.
I am under the assumption that a 425gph powerhead is plenty for a 29 gallon tank, but should I have another one on the opposite side of the tank or do I have more than enough?
Hello and Welcome!

Nothing good happens fast in this hobby! Also research, research, research! Will save you time, money, heartache and could very well save the lives of your future fish.
You mentioned you were looking for corals, great way to liven up the tank but as always, do some research. A really good way to play it safe would be doing compatability checks on which types of fish would be good together as well as which corals will be safe with the fish.

Also, get your fiance involved with hobby sites like this one as well. If you're both on the same page then patience and success will come naturally if you're both knowledgeable.