Looking for some Chaeto Algae

it'll last in the mail, that'd probably be good. But your lfs will probably sell you some, and it'll be more likely to survive.
Not sure where you live, but if you look around for people selling frags, alot of them give you the Chaeto with your purchase. Least that's how it is here.
Well I live in a smaller city and petco doesn't have chaeto, and neither does the LFS, so my best bet is to order it online or drive an hour away to nashville to get some.
I got my first bag of chaeto from Ebay, since I couldn't get it locally. Since then, I just give it away for free to anyone in the area that is needing some.

Do you have a local reefing club in the area? You could check with them. If not, I say go for the Ebay stuff.