Local Fish Store???

I need a good LFS in the Orlando area, I have had no luck in searching for a regular place. Either horrible staff or horrible stock is what I find. I wrote the specs of a bulb I needed and dude handed me the wrong size and color.That was after I waited a week for it to come in. Anyway, if someone knows a place around here it would be great.

I don't know about Orlando, but...
If you ever make the drive out to the Tampa area these are some great places:

In Oldsmar:
Coral Corral
Fish and Other Ichthy Stuff
Marine Warehouse

And, here's a link to the sponsor page of the Tampa Bay Reef Club:
Sponsors ? Tampa Bay Reef Club In case you ever head toward Lakeland, the beach, or whatever, these (the LFS sponsors listed on their page) are some good places to check out as well!