Living Rock, first post on forum

LPS are a type of coral, it stands for large polyp stony. SPS stands for small polyp stony. Then there are a third kind, called soft corals. As far as difficulty keeping goes, softies are easiest, followed by many LPS, and most SPS are more difficult to keep. Some common LPS corals are open brain, frogspawns and hammer corals, blastos, bubble corals, trumpet and candy cane corals, etc.
Biffs got you covored on the corals.
You shouldnt need to upgrade your filter,unless you just want to.
You may decide later on to add a refugium,but thats not a requirment to keep a reef.
Just remember to either replace or rinse the filter pad at least once a week and you should be good to go.
Call me crazy but i finally have had a chance to read some other post and it seems like i keep seein some of you say to get rid of the bio balls. The pro clear wet dry i have have bio balls, is this gonna hurt me when i go to get my reef aquarium started. I thought the bio balls were a good thing...there is so much to learn..............
I'm still running the bio-balls in my pro-clear system.

The bio-balls are like anything else,if you dont practice the proper maintance it can and will cause problems.
I take the balls out every time I do a water change(once a week)and rinse them in fresh water.Been doing since I got the filter,and have never had any problems with nitrates.They've been a constant ZERO.
Like Yote said bio-balls will accumulate nitrate over time if not cleaned regularly.With enough live rock(1-2lbs per gallon)then the BBs aren't needed.I seen many sermerge rock rubble in its place and set filter floss/carbon bags on top.Of course,you will need to replace the floss/carbon regularly also to prevent nitrate buildup.The choice is up to you,either way will work.
if you have enough live rock the bio-balls won't be necassary in my opinion (disclaimer, other opinions may vary) so you know roughly how many pounds of rock you have?
as far a bleaching the rocks, i would look at them and see what they smell like. if they don't have a really bad rotten smell and lots of dead stuff on them, i would rinse them in clean saltwater and stick them back in the tank. it will help the tank cycle. there also may still be a bunch of pods and bristle worms living in the rocks. as long as they didn't freeze.