Living Reefs rules!!!


Team Liquid Force
I just want to say that I really enjoy this forum, more than any other forums I belong to. I like it because it seems so close and personal. Everyone is so kind and is willing to help one another out.

No real reason for this post but I just had to express me feelings.

Thanks everyone.
LR rules!! good to have you ssalty...i enjoy a lot this forum...its like an addiction..everyone is commited to answer any question, regardless their post count...and thats somting!!!
i post far more often than any other forum i belog to. they all just kinda got put on the backburner.... and have stayed there
Yep this forum is AWESOME! We are like a family here. Or Cheers. Where everybody knows your name. And there aren't any assholes on here. Except for Adrastos ;). But we love him anyways, because every forum needs their token asshole, Living Reefs would be incomplete without him.
One thing about this site,,Its as addictive as the tanks we keep.No body cares if you post a link to help somebody.No body just flat out jumps another reefer for having a tang in a 55.

And Yeah I WUV YOU GUYS:mrgreen:
Biff you shouldn't have a Tang in a 55g, with so many other fish.I kid,I kid!

I like Ad,he's ghetto!He has strong feeling about something and isn't afraid to express it.I like that.Still,we shouldn't steer newbies down the wrong path.A Naso in a 30g is a no,no.
I like this forum most of all. I registered on 3 or 4 different discussion groups when I first got into this hobby again, but I spend all of my time here now.

People are friendly and helpful. No haters here. I like that.

My other hobby is RC airplanes, and you have never seen such opinionated A-holes in your life. If your not running this particular motor or those servos--your a loser. It's pretty bad. I'm a moderator in the forums on that site and I tell ya, it's a royal pain in the butt on a regular basis. I've been threatening to quit for 3 months. Just feel an obligation to the site because I've been there so long and there is nobody else willing to put the "target" on their back and take over my job.

Thats why I love Living Reefs so much. It's a nice place to ask questions and know that you won't get run over with a steam roller for being a newb or doing something out of the norm.

Thanks to you all for being so cool and allowing me to join your little community. It doesn't feel like home yet, because I'm still kind of new here. But, it's pretty comfortable and stress-free. I'm settling in.
Cheers!! :Cheers: