Livestock suggestions for my new Kent Marine 20g Reef Tank?


Reefing newb
Ok, so I got this reef tank last week, gone through setting it up and currently doing a lot of reading on water care. the dimensions are approximately 18" high 20" wide and 13" in depth. It's got fan cooled florescent lighting, white and blue led strips, a wave thing, nano-skimmer. I took out the filter sponges (I don't see the need if I'm getting live rock and aragonite substrate). I will probably get a bigger skimmer, the one it came with looks like a joke, but I'll try it, see how it goes.

Could anyone give me any pointers regarding livestock ideas suitable for this tank? preferably something easy.

Many Thanks

With a 20 gallon tank, you will be maxed out at 2 large or 3 medium/small fish. So you'll have to choose wisely!

Check out this page:
Nano Fish

Maybe a pair of clowns and a goby of some sort?
I like black clowns and a yellow clown goby, personally. A 6-line wrasse and a coupl blue-green chromis would be pretty, too, but (chime in, please) a short tank may not be good for those ones.