Live Rock!


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Hey guys!

I haven't been here in a while because of the stuff I've been doing with school and work, and I'm in the process of moving; which means I have to take down the Tank for an extended amount of time. :(

So, what I have to do is sell off my Live Rock. I have about 100 lbs of Fiji Standard that is sitting around just collecting all kinds of good little bugs due to the lack of fish in my tank.

I'm asking for $2.50 per lb, making it $250 for the lot. You can respond to this thread, or you can e-mail me at [email protected]


P.S. I'll also have to sell the 36" Nova Extreme Pro and two Koralia #2's
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I'm about 2 hours drive from you with traffic, and I like to get about half of what you have. Any chance to see a picture of them?
Are you willing to split the rock up and sell in smaller quantities? I need some but cannot handle the entire 100#.
Just got back home.

36" Nova I'll part with for $150. It's about 5-6 Months old and all the bulbs are still working.

I'll sell both the K2's for $10 each.

I am willing to split up the rock in smaller parts but ideally I would like to sell it all at once, so if someone offers to take all of it I'll have to give it to them.

Edit: I'm scrounge the house for a camera to take some pictures.
I am interested in all 100#'s of rock but would like to see pics first. Also need to know about shipping........
I got some pics; bad ones, but it's better then nothing! Here we go...

You should be able to see both K2's and the 36" Nova Pro.

Also, I need to sell my HoB skimmer. Aqua C Remora Pro.

To all those who need shipping, I'm trying to find a way to calculate shipping wet LR and keep it 'alive' as possible. Numbers soon to come.

EDIT: I need to get rid of all life in there, too. The CuC and the baby little Green Spotted Mushroom coral I have at the bottom there. They would be an added bonus with the rock.
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