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Hi all,
Im new to this both forums and Aquariums, Ive got a 215 litre ( approx 47.3 gallons ) tank, I have complete the cycling peroid and im am slowly adding more live rock to my tank, so that i can have my tank the way i want it.
I currently have no fish in the tank and only about 20kg of live rock in the tank, as live rock is not exactly cheap am I able to fill the gaps of my tank with some dead rock ?
you can fill your gaps with base rock or dead rock just as long there is not anything gonna be dyin off on the rock from being out of water to start a cycle on you. just give it a good rinse and put it in there..
also welcome to the site..
As long as you have a few pieces of live rock it will seed the dead rock and all will be alive in a few months. In about six months time you wont be able to tell which was which. That is what I have done on both of my tanks saved a lot of money. :D
Hi Centuras, you can definitely do that. It's a great way to save some money.
Thank you all for the replies, Im gonna go out and buy some dead rock tommorow and put it in the tank
Thanks Everyone.

Gotta look at getting a chiller for my tank went out today and it was a stupid 40degree day here and my tank got up too 30 - 32 degree's:frustrat:
Im glad i got no fish in there:bowdown:
Have you tried a clip on fan. Thats what I use on my tank it comes on with the mh lights and blows across the surface of the water. Also I dont have tops on my tanks so that helps also.
+1 Ted
A simple cheap fan will usually do a better job than an expensive chiller.