I am not familiar with this product, but, if all of the claims of the seller are true and i surley do not know, then it appears to be an affordable alternitive. only way to find out is to find someone with experiance with this light system and determine if it will meet your needs. you would have to use one fixture for each two sq. feet and supplement with other lights just as you would with mh. so good luck. maybe someone will respond with exlperiance with this product.
I've never seen those before, and am unsure about the ballasts.

I have an IceCap setup, brand new if you're interested. PM me.

do a google search for Fluorex HO Fluorescent Lights.I looked those lights for a while to.A lot owners said they grow alot of algae do to there kelvin rating.I think they would make a good fish live rock only tank.But who knows