LED impact???


This is my reef club....
Was wondering if anyone was beginning to see an impact on Metal halide lighting systems since the rise of LED in the reef market?

I am hearing that LED lighting prices will continue to fall due to the ease of DIY and the improvements in technology. Also, with all the cost savings of less heat (no chiller), bulb replacement, and less electricity it will be a no brainer in a matter of 1-2 years to go LED not MH.

What are your thoughts??
The two highest recommended units would probably be AquaIllumination Sols and ecoTech radions, as well as Ecoxotic for shallower tanks. There are also par38 bulbs by Ecoxotic, rapidled and boostled

If you are electrically inclined there is also the diy route
I found a thread where someone made a fixture for like $25 minus tools if you dont already have them. It was only like a soldering gun and wire strippers/clippers, so like $30 more. Ill look for it.
Someone did, but i dont remember the tank size. I dont know the results either, but with good LEDs and the proper optics, probably $100+tools if you dont have them already.
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This has been a pretty helpful link for me. I would say that that a few weeks ago I had no idea about LED's, and now, I know just a little more than nothing.....

Got a local guy that I found who sells corals. I went buy the other day and picked up 6 frags from him and he has the LED's. Aqua Sol brand. They blew me away. The coloration on his corals vs mine was crazy! I really want to do the LED's in the new tank. I would love to do the DIY. The project to me is as fun if not more fun than the finished product.