Learned how to feed frozen food to Mandarin


Reefing newb
Have been trying without any luck for the past couple of years to fget a mandarin dragonett to eat frozen food Finally found a no fail techinique thanks to a chinese fish keeper who told me to soak a mystic shrimp cube in garlic guard and a couple drops of seawater and must say works like a charm if not the first time the second now 3 dragonetts later in my 75 gal 75lbs of live rock all are fat and happy after years of failure from running out of copepods well hope this helps just one mandarin from starvation love these little guys:D
they are hard to keep alive because they mainly feed on pods and they rarely take to eating frozen food, and if they do eat frozen they tend to be slow eaters so bigger more aggressive eating fish will eat all the food before they can get to it
if this trick works to get them to eat, are they/he/she eating enough, or do you not have other fish in the tank with them that would steal the food? How would you feed one that is in a tank with other fish?

I've been dying for a mandarin, but I won't get one for a while anyways since our tank is still pretty new and were having the great algae outbreak '08
Mandrines are a lot like seahorses.They are slow eaters.Aggressive eatting fish will out compete them for food.
We have kept a mandarin successfully for a few months (so far). We have a Hatch N' Feed brine shrimp breeder. I clean it out and restock it once a week, so far he is fat and happy. I see him wandering around picking at the sand.
you should be careful with the brine because it has zero nutritional value and is like junk food to them, if he eats brine then you should give it some mysis
All of my frozen food is soaked in garlic and I never see my mandarin paying any attention to it. I have even dropped a full cube unthawed in and it doesn't want any part of it. I even feed Arctic Pods and don't see it try to grab them.