Lawnmower Blenny


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Yesterday I picked up a lawnmower blenny to help with my hair algea issues. He's a neat fish....pretty fat. I think I'm going to name him Fat Joe or Thor. About an hour after acclimating he started on the hair algae. His eating is pretty violent toward the hair algae. Hopefully it will help out with it. I'll post pics soon in my tank build thread.
I like the way they change colors when they go in a dark cave or just get spooked.

I noticed that also. It was tinted kind of black at the LFS (the backs of the tanks are black) and within a couple days, it had pinkish spots on it and blended in better with my live rock.

Mine has two or three caves that it has claimed as its own. I like how he sticks his head out and scopes the place out.
my red BTA got my lawnmower I had not seen it for a couple of days and then I noticed that it was pooping out its spine

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Those guys are funny. Mine used to put lip marks all over the glass like he was kissing it. kids named him homer cause of the way his mouth looked. Haven't seen him in 3 weeks.