Lawnmower Blenny Troubles

Has anyone else had a LMB that is a real bully? Every fish I have added since him has been tormented and bullied until they died or I brought them back to the fish store to prevent their death. My first loss to him was my sandsifter goby, which I decided was due to there similar nature. Then he harrased a wrasse that I later returned to the LFS, a couple of weeks ago he started pestering my percula clown...he died 4 days ago...I thought I would try a slightly more agressive fish and got a beautiful flame hawk last night. Surprise, surprise Mr. blenny has kept the hawk hiding behind my powerhead.

I have tried rearranging the rock, and I have tried taking him out for a few hours while rearranging the rock and adding the new fish before returning the blenny. When that didn't work I threatened to flush him if he didn't behave...that didn't work either.
The Blenny is being "donated" to the LFS tonight.
Just wondering if anyone else has had such trouble? he's only about an inch and a half...but seems to have the heart of a lionfish:S
Wow, Sorry For Your Loses !!!!!! Kinda Glad I Went With The Diamond Goby Instead Of The Lmb Now ..... :(
Thats the first I've heard of aLMB being that agressive.Mine dont bother any of my other fish at all.Even gets along good with my bi-color blenny.
I've never heard of that either. They are normally very passive fish and peaceful towards their tankmates. That's weird, but it sounds like you just got yourself a lemon.
maybe you should have brought the LMB back instead of the other fish.
Yeah you're right. Lesson learned. He's going back tonight:)

Here's a couple of pics of the devil in desguise


Wow, that IS a lawnmower blenny... How could yours be mean? Mine is the most passive thing ever created... Mine gets picked on by my blue tang some times, but I think the tang thinks my blenny is a piece of algae. Unless your a chunk of algae my blenny wont look at you. Thats really weird!
I have been thinking of either getting a blenny or a goby and I am hearing a lot of cases of blennies beating the crap out of other fish. I am surprised you guys have not seen this.
Yeah, Michelle, I'd definitely encourage you to submit one to the POTM competition. If you win, your ill-fated blenny will at least be immortalized on the Living Reefs homepage for a month...