Lawnmower blenny bullying my new goby

The oby I got recently (blue spot goby maybe?) is being picked on by my blenny. It keeps swimming into it!
will they learn to co exist ya think?
not sure. fish get really territorial. there is a chance that it is just part of getting the pecking order established and in a day or so it will end. Or, it will not end til the new fish is dead. that is the problem with trying to put in all the fish you can in a smaller tank. there just may not be enough room for everyone to play nice. Hope it works out for you

Give them a few days. Maybe one just has to establish dominance over the other. Lawnmower blennies aren't known to be particularly aggressive, so I'm hoping it's just a fluke.
Blennies are peaceful except with other blennies.I'm going to assume the goby looks similar enough to confuse your blennie.Only time will tell if they will ever get along.
Just a thought, but if I move my rock around a bit (i still dont have a lot of LR) would that possibly stop the blenny from being so territorial? i.e it would be a new "territory" and he wouldn't have seniority.
that is one of the tricks used to help in situations like that. great idea. make sure you move around all the rock tho, so nothing seems familiar.

Sailfin blennies can be fairly aggressive.but every thing should settle down in a day or 2.You blenny just needs to boost his ego.
ok, so i put the blenny in a holding tank and changed the total look of my rocks from one wall of rock on the back to a trench like setting. I still havent put the blenny back in b/c I want the goby to get comfortable first. Does that sound ok so far?
The goby is troublesomly (awkward word sorry) thin. He has a ridge running down his side now, so, I am hoping this will make the difference. How long should I keep dear old blenny out? I just took a small 1 gallon I had empty and put him in it with the established tank water and an air pump.
It sounds good so far Michelle.Have you tried to feed the goby and is it eating?Being thin like that could be the on start of lateral line disease from being starved.I would at least shut the pumps off and squirt a little mysis near the goby to see if its eating.If its eating it maybe safe to put the blenny in., I mentioned earlier they may or may not ever get along.
thanks reeffreak. The goby is sifting through the sand, but, he hasnt eaten any food I have put in the tank. He has spent most of the past 2 days in the top corner behind my powerhead. Everytime he comes down he gets about one mouthful of sand before being run off again. I do understand (now, not before the purchase unfortunately) that they may always fight. I just thought I would give the goby a fighting chance. Being thin like he is wouldn't happen in the 2 days (or has it been 3?) I have had him would it? He would have had to be hungry or sick before I got him wouldn't he? Could it be just stress from transport? Perhaps I got him straight after he arrived at the LFS and he never really had a chance to recupe. Anyway, Here's hoping it works. I havent seen the goby since I rearranged the rock, maybe I will give him another hour or so before I put Blenny back in...(I'm creative at naming hey?:p)
Thanks again.
Unfortunately yes,many fish are near starvation once we get them.I seen to many thin watchmen gobies like yours at the fishstore through the years with the laternal line bulging.In a matter of fact that goes for just about every wild caught fish.In the future,ask the LFS to feed it to make sure they are eating prior to purchase.Hopefully the time out and rearranging of the rocks did enough to keep Blenny from harassing Goby.