Kessil 360W and a center braced tank


Reefing newb
I have a 6' mixed reef tank (72x18x24D) with center bracing and I'm looking at switching my lighting to the Kessil 360Ws. With the recommended spacing of 2' this would put a light right over the brace. Has anyone dealt with this type situation before? My Marineland marine series pro that I'm replacing has this issue too with the center halide but with the T5's extending the length of the fixture, they seem to have mitigated any serious issues. I could probably just offset the center light but wanted to see if anyone had experience - good or bad with either making 2 360W's stretching to a 3' spacing or options to replace the center brace with braces in between the lights instead.

Thanks in advance!
I thought a 6 ft tank has 2 braces off of center. I have the a360w in my tank for a year now and have had great experiences with them. Have you thought about just getting 4 of them and instead of the wides, using the narrows?