Ken's 150 finally finished moving pics




I want to see the ship covered in coraline, normally not a fan of oraments like that but yours looks good in there
Ill try and get one up. I am wondering what do you guys think on my stocking am I overstocked or could I add one more? Everything is pictured. snowflake eel, zebra eel, volatin lion, clown grouper, and lunare wrasse.
I don't think you're overstocked (yet). If you are able to keep your water parameters in line (predators like yours are big poopers), then you should be able to add one or two more fish. As long as they aren't aggressive towards each other.
Okay one more what should it be
My ideas
1.Harlequin Tuskfish
2. Blue Spot Puffer
3. Porc Puffer
4. Other
Ps if anyone knows how to start a voting poll please tell me how.