Keep an eye out


It wasn't me!
I have been quietly amassing more coral since before Thanksgiving. Tonight I drove down to San Jose and picked up a sweet looking no name chalice that is blue and purple with bright pink eyes. I also got some Purple People Eaters, and a frag plug with 2 different zoa colonies on it.

I added 5 heads of Utter Chaos and 3 Tyree Space Monster as well on a trip down to L.A. in February. :bounce:

SPS, I've added a Millie, a Tri-Color, a Blue Stag, Karl Candelight, a Hawkins, and a few other pieces that I have no idea what they are. :^:

I just recently replaced the sandbed in the tank as well after going bare bottom since before Thanksgiving due to Asternia Starfish issues.

So keep an eye out, I know y'all love the pics, I will update my build thread in the next couple days. :Cheers:
Tyree Space Monster




No name plug with 2 different Zoas


Just to wet your whistles. All the rest will be in my build thread when I get them all up loaded.