journey with aefw's

I have noticed some stn on some acros with limited pe. Further exam I noticed the "dark side" of my acro completely bleached and my alk, mag, cal, trates, phates, all to be with in spec. I am in a ulns and was running my skimmer in Cycles to dirty up the water and using acro power up. These 2 colonies wouldn't pe so I decided to pull and dip. I am using Bayer pesticides and seems to be helping. After 30 minutes of being put back into the dt, I have pe again. I also have acro crabs in the colonies and pull them off to dip. I put them back on and away they go.
I let the aefw get out of hand with recent medical issues, but I am very impressed with this dip and had to share. I am not using a medical tank as I am just a hobbiest and will probably never run one. I have never dipped my corals before, so Russian roulette finally caught up with me after my build was done. Here are some pictures of the corals in the dip process
I did 10 mls/ cup on mix. I tried to get a picture of the kill off but I couldn't get it to focus. I didn't scrub the the eggs off the first dip with 2 rinse cycles and they were actually floating on the surface. I may have blown them off, but I didn't scrub them.
They both have polyp extension. I never got polyp extension on the 2nd picture ever and now I do. The coral looks rough but even the bleached out sections have white polyps out. The worms must just eat the color out? But they are happier even though they look crappy.
Here is my table acro that was infected 3 weeks into the dip. I would like to promote this product a little more due to the fact it stopped rtn w/o cutting it. I wanted to guinea pig my selection because I am interested in an easier way to eliminate, and this seems to have done it. Pe is better to date but not full. 3 more weeks of dipping and I'll see where I'm at.
Alrighty, it's been a while since this has been updated. ....
So, final verdict.......
If you find out you have aefw's, you must set up a qt. Aefw's eat all acro, so far my tenus have been resistant from my infestation. Even stags will be affected, contrary to the thoughts of slime coat.
I've cut up about 80% of all my sps, lesson learned.
Sorry man, I narrowly avoided the same fate only lost the one Monti colony - thanks for the Bayer tip most likely saved that tank