Iwaki Magnet Pump 40RXT


Reefing newb
New in box, never used.


Motor output 1/12
Max flow GPH 1344
Max head 15.4 FT

Quiet pump

Paid $285, asking $100 plus shipping (10 lbs)

I'm interested maybe. could not find the specific model. You have listed as RXT. Is it the same as the RLXT? Is the pump you have a MD or WMD series. thanks.
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Mine is the MD series. I purchased it from a local vendor, so I'm not sure where to find info in the web. I can take a picture of the box.
I am interested in the pump. PM me and let me know what total cost delivered to area code 95503 would be and how you want to be paid. if all looks good I will advise. thanks in advance.
ramador this post is from:

August 22nd, 2006

Not sure if you are aware, probably not selling 6 years later.