Is this really possible ?


Reefing newb
I have read that 0 nitrate and 0 phosphate is a bad thing for corals ?
I for the past 5 weeks have had 0 and 0, yet my corals seem extremely happy ?
Is it possible that I don't actually have 0 but I have undetectable instead ? .
I don't have any algae issues and corals all have good color ?
Yes some people have had trouble with nutrients being too low in their systems. From the pictures I have seen of your tank just keep doing what your doing;)
i know when i had gotten my 55gal down to 0 nitrates my war coral started bleaching i got them back up to 5 ppm and the war coral got its color back so i shoot for 5 ppm but if everything is happy and healthy then just let it the way that it is and be happy :D this is one of those case that proves what works for one doesn't work for all but all the pics i see of your tank it looks awesome:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
0 nitrate and 0 phosphate is not good really, but we have others elements affect to our tanks, your tanks is ok now.
Hi, our tank was never not
But I was worried about our corals not getting enough food. Seems that my worries were unfounded as everything is doing great and still 0 and
I really don't understand it. I over feed my fish terribly. ( dragonets are slow eaters). Water change 6 weekly and nitrates have been undetectable for months & phos never over 0.02 (Hanna checker). Even thought Hanna may be bad so took to lfs ( they have very expensive digital reader) and still came up. 0.01 phos. Can rowaphos reactor do that good. Job ?