Is this normal for Clown fish?


Reefing newb
My maroon clown recently start eating dry seaweed? It was completing with my blue tang and my yellow tang. It's kind of weird and fun to watch.
My clowns compete with my regal tank for algea flakes also...

I think that is normal.

To amonya's point though you might want to be thinking about an upgrade in tank size before long. Don't skip the water changes and get a good skimmer in the mean time.

My clowns eat allgae flake to.I think clowns are not picky eaters any food partacle that floats by might get ate.I am on my second yellow in my 29.I want a bigger tank but no space,so I trade them for smaller ones.
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Great info guys... I will keep all that in mind.

Amonya - yes, I have 2 small tang (quarter size, very small still: blue tang & 1.5 inches: yellow tang) for now. I know eventually I will need to change / upgrade my tank to a bigger tank. :)

bkv1997 - YES!!! I am changing the water every 2 weeks. My skimmer is working properly right now. Trust me... I am monitoring my tank pretty often. (Don't worry anything happen to them you know... :) )

Another question(s) for you guys...
1) how often do you feed your clown? They do eat alot along with my tang.
2) Does your clown brings food back to the anemone? I still having see that yet. I am currently feeding the anemone by myself. Any input on this?

thanks guys,
Just making sure there not full grown( kinda a snugg fit)...LOL I feed my clowns twice a day. Small amounts.I feed my rtba once a week Just to make sure he is getting a mouth full..If they are excepting one another I wouldn't worry to you use any type of plankton or reef solutions?
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I am not using any plankton or reef solutions currently. I am still new to BTA. I am not sure what exactly I need to do to grow it. I do almost feed it every other day a piece of shrimp of something. What kind of plankton or reef solution should I use? How often do I need to use it? Do they need it?

I had my BTA for about 2 months and I don't see it growing. It's about the same size. :(

THanks for the information.