Is there a a way to culture your own live rocks?


Reefing newb
Well iam extremely new, so when you stop laughing, I still want to know is there a simple way to culter your own live rock instead of buying $1000 worth of sea culterd rocks?
Not really. But you can buy mostly dry rock, and a few pieces of live rock, then the dry rock will turn live over time if they are in the tank together. In a 120 gallon tank, you are better off saving your money and buying mostly dry rock. That's as close to culturing it yourself as you can get. :)
As Biff said, you dont need to get 100% Live rock, since it is about 5 bucks on average more expensive than dry.
Instead maybe do a 25% live, 75% dry. Cuts down on the price much more.
You can always make your own rocks, like I have ;) $25 worth of ingredients for a ton of rocks. The drawback is you do have to cure it for at least 3-6 months. :mrgreen: