Is it a good deal and good mix for my tank


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I am getting these corals for my 26 gallon tank. I am wondering if it is a good deal and a good mix. I am getting them from a local aquarium hobbyist and they are charging me $60. Thanks for your expertise.

candy canes
green birds nest
blue clove polyps
green zoas
tub blue or red palys
neon green toadstool mushroom leather
I'd say that sounds like a good deal. Generally a Neon Green Toadstool in my area is around $55. So getting all that for $60 ain't shabby.
I dont think you should hesitate sounds like a great deal to me....:D
wow i really wish i could find deals like that around me. everytime i want to buy corals i have to bite the bullet n drop a pretty penny!:frustrat:
I will ask her if she will ship. If so, maybe you'd be interested? This is all the stuff she posted on photobucket for now.

Frags For Sale pictures by brdracing - Photobucket

wow more than half that stuff is $25 plus for just a frag wit nuttin even close to filled out like that!!!! paid 20 for green zoas wit maybe six lil heads on it, i think thats how you would explain it? i live in MD n have went 3 hours to diff aquarium stores in PA n most the time the stuff if that cheap for sumtin that looks dead!
I didn't quite understand your comment. That is a good price for what is listed? I am meeting up with her on Saturday. I will then see if it is something of good quality. I'm not trained yet to tell if its good quality but I will be able to find out once the corals get used to the tank.
im sayin thats a great deal everything around me is double that for stuff that dont even look half as good as those pics!