Inherited 14G BioCube-Please help!


Reefing newb
Hi all- I have been obsessively reading the threads on the website (thanks so much for posting so much information). 2 days ago I inherited a 14G Biocube after a death in the family and I am trying my best to keep things alive and stable before hopefully growing and investing in the tank.

Currently there is a damsel, clownfish, and two snails present in the tank with 5 pieces of live rock. The tank is simple at the moment, but I am worried about doing things right. We have already had two anemones and one pajama fish die with the transportation.

The original owner was not testing the water, and therefore at the moment I do not have any water testing kits. I also feel as though the water is still quite cloudy from the transportation, but am nervous about replacing the water with all of the shock of the move already.

Also looking towards the future- what would be the best way to start to add more items to the tank? I have read and watched videos of the proper way to start a tank and adding in steps, but what do you recommend since this tank already has fish in it?

Any advice is much appreciated! Thank you!
Thanks so much for this article- it is very helpful. As I have been reading, it is clear how to start a tank from scratch and the order of sand/live rock --> coral -->verts --> fish. But if the tank I now have already has a limited amount of items and has made it to the fish stage, what is the proper next steps if I wanted to add coral or more fish in the future? Thank you!
Welcome to the site! Sorry for your loss but you've gained a very entertaining and satisfying hobby!

The best advice I can give about adding livestock is do your research. Knowing what will work in your tank will save a lot of heartache over a new addition dying or worse killing an old favorite. I usually consult the forums, talk to a trusted store employee and research on From those three sources I can usually make a decision about adding something.

As far as corals are concerned I'd wait and get a full test kit before adding anything. Also, make sure the lighting you have will support coral growth.

Welcome to the hobby, enjoy it! Here's hoping it will be a beautiful legacy of your lost loved one.:thumbsup: