Info needed on light fixture


Reefing newb
I inherited an existing 90gal tank 48w x 24h x 18d and the previous owner said the bulbs in the light were almost 2 years old so I thought I should change them. Before I get some new bulbs I thought I would check here and see what opinions were on what I have now and what I should get.

The light is 48" and has 4 CF bulbs with flat 4 pin connectors. It also has a blue LED strip which stay on all the time. The bulbs I currently have are 2 Coralife 50/50 65w and 2 that say "PL-L 65w Act. 420nm" whatever that means. I can't find any stickers or labels anywhere on the light to identify the brand or ballast size.

So is what I have now good enough for my tank size considering I have LPS corals and would like to get an Anemone down the road? Should I stick with the style bulbs i have, should I think about upgrading to a new fixture?? What do you think?


Pic of light.
I would upgrade to a new fixture, the Power compact lights aren't very good for keeping corals and I don't know if that light would be able to grow anything more than soft corals
I recommend also to upgrade to T5's they are awesome and give lots of color options. I am using the odyssea 48" set with timers and LED night lights and I love it
I also have 2 24" marineland double bright LED fixtures that are lying inside the stand but I read that they aren't much help for a reef tank so they stay in the stand.

I guess I will start doing some research on a T5 setup.

Thanks for the replies.