in sump skimmer


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I'm looking at skimmers for the 180 build, and I know little about in sump models. I hear great things about the octopus, but to tell you the truth, I don't find my hob octo to perform anywhere near like my remora pro. It always needs to be primed whenever theres a power outage, and doesn't seem to pull out as much junk as the aqua C. Anyways, budget is always an issue with a build this big, so I'm looking for the best bang for the buck, but I don't want garbage. Thanks for the input
How much $ do you want to spend?

Anthing under about $350, you won't beat one of the Octo's.
Over $ much over?
ccCapt has given you the two best choices in that price range, nothing else is really competing in that price range. The MSX 250 would be the best of those two for a 180 gallon tank as it has a 10" skimmer body. A skimmer with a 8" body is better suited for tanks under 150 gallons.