ID little red things


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In my refugium I have two areas about 1 cm in diameter made out of a group of some kind of little red things. I can't get a picture because it doesn't focus. They are really small and red, they look a little like shrimp and jump around a lot. Anyone know what these are? Sorry for not having any pics
Oops didn't mean to do that. I don't even know what I hit or that you could thank someone for a post.
I would guess they are come sort of copepod or amipod, but those are usually white/gray. The other thing we common see that is red are feather dusters, but they only go in and out of tubes
Do you think they could be some kind of parasite or something? I have a lot of different pods in my fuge, must be at least 5 different kinds. But I'm not sure if they are all good or bad.
if they were a parasite you would see them hanging off your fish, so i dont think they are anything bad
Well they aren't in my display tank, they are in my refugium, so there aren't any fish in there.