Hey guys as some of you know i rescently had a HUGE ICH outbreak which took the life of my flame angel and attacked my Blue tang, FoxFace, and nemos. Well i went to the LFS and he recomended Herbtana a natural Microbe-Lift chemical that is safe for Reefs and inverts. Well after dosing for 10 days im glad to say that the ICH is GONE :). This stuff worked great. I could see a difference half way through treatment. The remaining fish are now swimming all over the place and seem to be very happy. I would HIGHLY recomend this product to anyone that has issues with (Ich, Flukes, Chilodonella, Costia, Trichodina, and Oodinium.) worked great for me :)...

Happy Fishing.
It's not gone, you just can't see it. It didn't actually kill the ich. The ich life cycle is much longer than 10 days. Methods that claim to be reef-safe are not a permanent fix. It's just a bandaid. Ich will be back unless you use a method that kills all stages of ich permanently.
I know nothing kills the parasite once it has "Checked In" to the fish but the chemical does kill the parasite once it has detached and dropped to the bottom of the tank to multiply. I went and bought a Wrasse cleaner today and that fish is going to town on the other fish lol. The Simbiotic releationship it shares with fish is absolutley amazing.
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