Ich and my Emperor


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My emperor has contracted Ich and my UV sterilizer is on the fritz. I have a new sleeve ordered (the other one cracked and shocked the heck out of me) but it won't be here for a week. I have been adding coral vital to help with the outbreak and gave him a fresh water dip today (of course the Ich will most likely come back). Any ideas, if any, what to do in the meantime while I wait? Could the Ich have anything to do with his not eating? He is hiding much of the day which seems odd to me since he is SO BIG. He does venture out a bit at night. What do you think?

-Dr Marco:sfish:
it is very possible it is due to the ich try placeing garlic drops in the tank to entice him to eat, with the healing properties it could help out with the ich, if he is eating try to keep him on a regular feeding pattern and stress him little as possible check your params, the main time I see ich is when it is stress related hope this helps.
You could also put him in a QT and treat him with hypo-salinity for a while.You'd just have to take is real slow so as not to shock the fish.
I wish I had the facilities for hyposalinity in a separate tank. I don't have another tank - bad by me.

My emperor was not interested in the garlic. I bought a bottle of seachem garlic additive (which is garlic extract) and soaked the food in it for an hour prior to feeding (as per the instructions). He did not budge. I did not add the garlic straight to the water, although I don't know if that would have made a difference.

On a happier note, it looks like the ICH has run its course and the temonts (or whatever they are called) are dropping off. His eyes look better as does his body. He is much more active around the tank instead of hiding in a cave all day. I hope that he will start feeding soon. I will keep using the garlic to see if it incites a feeding response. I just hope the Ich doesn't hatch and jump onto my tangs. The part I need for my UV will be here in a couple of days and that should help. I would appreciate any feeding suggestions in the meantime.

-Dr Marco :sfish:
Seweed select. non metal paper clip, half sheet, fold up and slip into non metal paper clip, fishing line say trout or #8 clear hang down into the tank about half way or so and take out at night and back in each day with new until he samples it. once he samples it and figures would what it is he will feed.
I feed seaweed twice a week, but my tangs tend to devour it quickly. I will move it up to daily for a while to see if that makes a difference. My only concern is the amount of nutrients I will be adding to my tank - seaweed makes quite a mess. Worth a shot though. Thanks.

-Dr Marco:sfish:
Hi, Sorry to hear about your problems. I've not got a lot of experience with ich other that recently but my suggestion is to get a qt tank going as quickly as possible. I tried the garlic and let him fight it off method and it seemed to be working for about 3 weeks. (My Tang was still eating well and looking very health except for a few spots) When the ich came back they were everywhere!!!! With so many it didn't take long for it to infect my other fish. I lost my tang, a tomato clown who had been in the family for about 10 years and my clown trigger. By the time I got the qts set up the tang had passed away, and the other two were apparently too far gone to take the hypo.( only lasted two more days) But the rest of my stock is now in 10g. tanks and 20 gal ice chests with only penguin filters and Im happy to say all thriving and showing no more signs of ich. You dont have to have a fancy set up. Anything that will hold water basically. I used igloos because we have a lot of them and I know the plastic if food quality safe. Much cheaper than replacing your livestock!