I need help with Lionfish???


Hello all, My tank is 5 years old. I have 2 damsels, Maroon and gold clown, Squariel fish, panther grouper, and a lionfish. I had a lionfish about 3 months ago that i got from someone that was taking their tank down. The fish was small/medium size and was eating frozen krill. When i put it in the tank it would eat everyday one Krill a day for about a month then all of a sudden it quit eating. After a week i took it to a friends lfs and she tried to get it to eat and 3 weeks later it died. Well she got another one in and all my other fish are fine, corals are great hermitts and snails are good, so she gave me this lion. He was the most active lion i have seen. Always swimming out in the open and would put his mouth out of the water at feeding time. 4 days ago i put a piece of shrimp in the tank and he went at it and missed and then a damsel got it and the lion went at the damsel to get the shrimp and the kinda bumped heads, well now it wont eat so i put him in qt and treating for parisates or ich because i noticed when he was in the dt he would flash and then ram his head in the rock or sand.

Does anyone know what this could be? I am really good friends with 2 lfs here and neither of them know. He has been in qt for 5 days now and still hasnt eatin. He is still got a belly on him and looks ok, and he isnt flashing for anything. Im lost so any help or suggestions would be awesome. I hope he pulls through. He is an awesome fish with a great personallity. Thanks everyone, Joe
Your panther grouper is going to get huge. You know that though right. He maybe still full but I doubt it. You should quaratine before you put him in your display.
what are you talking about. Your talking about my gouper and he is fine. Im having problems with my lionfish that is in quaratine that i am treating for parasites (sp) hence he was flashing and rubbing his head on the rocks and sand. Thanks for the input on the grouper, what do you think about the lion?
try some live fish. That might tempt him. Get some little fresh water guppies and put them in the saltwater tank with him. They usually will go crazy casing them. and the fresh water fish will last a little while in the saltwater and will slow down long enough for the clown to catch them. good luck.