I need help to identify this criteria


Reefing newb

Does anyone knows what this could be...??? The photos are kind of blurry.... They are approx 4 mm in size, and have a suction cup like the snails....They do not have a shell.... Are of an orangy color.... They are taking over my tank!!!!! I have thousands of those unknown things sucking on my glass, sand, rocks!!!!! What are they and what to do with those???????:frustrat:




i keep a sixline wrasse in both my tanks, my 125 has yellow tang, sailfin tang, clown fish, blenny, multiple gobies. my 75 gallon has a bristle tooth tang, scopas tang, clown fish, and sixline wrasse.
Sexybeemer where have you been?We all missed you especially in chat.They look like flat worms to me too.Hopefully the sixline will take care of them for you.

Happy Holidays,don't be shy.
take action quick. they can be a nasty problem if you don't. A sixline is totally reef safe and should do the trick

Welcome back Sxy.
You'll want to remove as many as those flats as possible before you dose with flatworm exit.When they die,they release toxins.One or 2 of the lil demons dieing wont release enough to hurt anything,but that many being killed at once will crash your tank.
But can I buy more then 1 six line wrasse?
I will go and buy at least 1 wrasse, or two (if recommended) this week end.... but I was looking at my tank last night and I have thousands of flat worms..!!!!!!!! Is it possible that they come out at night?:shock: As at night time, i can not even see my sand anymore 9they cover it. i also have 2 large piece of rocks at the botton covered with worms... :grumble:and at night, my glass is just covered!! Is one six line gonna be enogh to eat them all? I better find one hungry six line wrasse...Or should I buy two??? There is no way I can use the product to kill the worms cause I beleive my tank will be heading for a straight crash..... :frustrat:
Only add one sixline.You can add 2 or 3 of the yellow coris wrasses though and they'll eat the flat worms to.
totally agree with yote, yellow coris wrasse are better looking fish not as aggressive as sixline. I would get a couple of yellow coris wrasse there good for tons of pest even bristle worms(which are good to have).
I was just looking up the yellow coris wrase on live aquaria.... And i says: reef compatible: with caution.
I'm gonna go to my lsf.... see what they have.... And hopefully, they will have a six line wrasse so I can at least start with that....
the caution is the adults yellow coris wrasse can eat snails and crabs. I had a school of three that did great for a long time...til my shark ate them. I would get them tho, totally worth it. they have great color!!!